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Providing practical support and solutions for the workplace
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Why Work With BHP?

Since 2010 we have been providing employers with a comprehensive health & safety and employment law service. It was our view that for many small businesses the complex and ever-changing realms of health and safety and employment law present a challenge that is often beyond the scope of their in-house resources, relying instead on costly legal advice once an issue has arisen.

BHP provides a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, hand-picked for their practical and approachable manner as well as their dedication to our values and ethos: Where your business is our focus.

We are a small team but pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service that inspires a positive safety culture and nurtures best practice in the employment relationship across your business.


  • Positive Safety Culture driven by positive employment relationships
  • External consultants but an integrated part of your team
  • Marry clear objectivity with the in depth understanding of your business needs.

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